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Chicken Quesadilla

Copper Chef 11” Square Fry Pan 

Recipe Type:  Chicken
Servings  4
0.75  cup  Shredded Monterey Cheese  
1  cup  Cubed Chicken  
0.25  cup  Multi Colored Peppers  
2  tablespoon  Tomatoes,diced  
3  tablespoon  Chopped Cilantro   
2    Tortillas (8 inch diameter)  
1  teaspoon  olive oil  

  1. Brush the tortillas with olive oil on one side.
  2. Place the copper chef on a medium heat.
  3. Place the olive oiled side down in the pan.
  4. Spread the ingredients evenly over the tortilla and top with the last tortilla olive oil side up.
  5. Cook until golden on each side.
  6. Remove and serve.